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Port Hills Physio + Pilates

Covid Protection Framework (CPF) - March 2022 - RED
Kia ora koutou katoa – Greetings to you all
At the RED level under the CPF, we can see you in the clinic if you are 100% well , not a household contact of Covid-19+ wearing a surgical or N 95 mask . We have all our policies and procedures in place to make sure everyone is safe. Physio clients and Clinical Pilates clients do not need a vaccine passport. Pilates clients and all classes do need a vaccine passport. If you need to self isolate - we have Tele-heath as an option for ongoing treatment and injury management. Please call to make your booking and if you need to clarify procedures. Ngā mihi mahana - Warm regards from the team at PHPP
Contact details:
T: 03 3664710
E: office@porthillsphysiopilates.co.nz
Bookings: https://nzappts.gensolve.com/port_hills_physio

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Port Hills Physio + Pilates

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T: 03 3664710

E: office@porthillsphysiopilates.co.nz

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