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Physio Services

Port Hills Physio + Pilates

The heartbeat of this clinic is:
To provide quality, effective, personal and affordable healthcare
while considering the whole person and their community.

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Physio services

We offer 45/30 minute appointments which involve:

  • Assessing and understanding your how your injury is affecting your life
  • Identifying any obstacles that may prevent your recovery
  • Performing a specific assessment of your injury (and then)
  • Setting up a treatment plan to get you back to doing what you love most

  • Post-surgery Treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Injury treatment and Rehabilitation
  • Muscle and Joint Injuries
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • ACC Hydrotherapy Classes – Rehab focus
  • Running assessments
  • Falls Prevention
  • Postural assessments
  • Return to work programmes


We are an endorsed ACC provider and are able to accept all ACC referrals. We are also first contact providers meaning that we can do the paperwork for your ACC claim. We like to work closely with your GP so that they are aware that you are being treated by us.

Please note: ACC referrals incur a surcharge payable at the time of consultation.

A 24 hour policy applies, meaning that if you do not cancel your appointment there will be a $45 charge.

ACC  Treatment Costs – effective 01/05/2021 – all Prices include GST

Telehealth: Initial: $45           Follow up: $35

Initial Assessment and consultation:  40 minutes
General:         $45                         CSC:    $40

Subsequent treatment sessions:           25 minutes
General:          $35                         CSC:     $30

Subsequent 45 min appt:    $50

 Subsequent 60 min appt:    $80

ACC Pilates  60 min appt:   $$80


Private Treatment Costs – effective 01/05/2021

Telehealth: Initial $90   Follow up – $75

Initial Assessment and Treatment:     45 minutes
General:            $90                     CSC:       $80

Subsequent Treatment sessions:          30 minutes
General:            $75                     CSC:       $65

Breathing Assessment:                        60 mins


Physio Pilates/Clinical Pilates:     60 mins


Hydrotherapy and Home visits are also an option – please call the clinic for details.

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