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CLINICAL Pilates Services – fees

Effective 01/05/2021

We offer 30 and 45 minute Pilates sessions for our patients recovering from injury. Our Physios runs these classes and sessions. Our focus is on individual assessment and treatment in a small private setting. We do not provide large classes as we feel the quality of movement and control is not achieved in a big class. Our biggest class is 4 participants. A private session  for a thorough assessment needs to be booked, so that we can set some achievable treatment goals. 

The focus is on improving movement by addressing:  Proprioception and balance, posture and core strength, joint mobility and stability, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, body awareness and control – and using the breath to facilitate movement and control.

  • 1 on 1 Pilates assessment
  • 1 on 1 Pilates session
  • Post-operative rehabilitation + classes
  • Post-injury recovery

All new Pilates clients are required to undergo an initial consultation with a Physiotherapist so we can gain information on your health, injury and physical activity history, and set some achievable treatment goals. .

We go through the basic and important concepts of Pilates- involving Breathing, Core control, muscle strength, plus more on the mat to assess your body and discover what is the best option for you, your limitations and your goals.

Remaining with Private One-to-Ones results in an individualised programme being created for the person’s specific needs and goals and both Mat and Pilates Machine equipment are utilised. This is ideal if dealing with injury, you have a specific goal in mind.

These small mat classes have a maximum of 4 people/class and are a general overall body workout combining strength, flexibility, core control etc. 

All mat sessions run for 55minutes

Concession cards are available for all of these options – at a slightly reduced rate.

If you have an ACC covered injury and Pilates is part of your rehabilitation – you are able to be seen by a Physiotherapist with a Pilates qualification. In this  case your 55 minute sessions is slightly subsidised by ACC. ACC only cover 30 mins of the 60 min appt. You’ll qualify for 6 sessions initially and then your progress will be re-assessed.

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